Prep4 GMAT Expands to China!

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October 17, 2021
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October 22, 2021
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Prep4 GMAT Expands to China!

After much hard work, LTG is excited to announce that the Chinese version of the app, Prep4 GMAT, is now available for iPhone and iPad!  Continue below to read the official press release.

MIT Startup Sets Out To Transform Standardized Test Prep Market in China

LTG Exam Prep Platform, founded by MIT Sloan School of Management students, expands worldwide accessibility to personalized exam prep through the release of its mobile GMAT app on the Chinese market

Cambridge, Mass. (October 21, 2021) — For Chinese students, the future of studying for tests will not involve flipping through course books or sitting in lectures but will be as simple as opening a smartphone, according to LTG Exam Prep Platform, who released its mobile GMAT study app on the Chinese market today.  Prep4 GMAT, the app developed by an MIT startup, is the first complete GMAT study course available on a mobile app.  Unlike other study courses, the app can be fully personalized by tracking each user’s grasp of the specific concepts tested on the exam.  By creating a mobile platform for exam prep, LTG provides test-takers with a course that goes where they go so that they can practice and receive feedback on their own schedule, eschewing the prohibitive costs and time requirements of traditional lecture-based courses. Prep4 GMAT has already enjoyed success as one of the top apps in the U.S. and India and is poised to make an impact in China where over 100,000 students take the GMAT each year.

The potential of a mobile study solution has helped LTG secure a spot as a finalist in the Mass Challenge, the world’s largest startup competition and accelerator, as well as attract prominent investors and the interest of major companies inside and outside of the U.S.  LTG is backed by angle investor Mingming Huang, a vetted entrepreneur with more than 18 years experience in high-tech industry.  In his career as an investor, Huang has invested in some of the most prominent technology startups in China, including Gamekoo and Verycd.  This year, Gamekoo was purchased for more than $250 million.

Prep4 GMAT has already had an impact for U.S. test-takers.  Alba Medina, now a MBA candidate at MIT, used the app to increase her GMAT score by 120 points after costly online courses failed to help.  “I didn’t have to carry around books with me. The software discovered my weaknesses, so it was easy to concentrate on them.”

The app and the company were inspired by the founder’s own struggle with the exam and the fact that most GMAT test-takers work fulltime and have difficulty fitting studying into their busy lives.

LTG Exam Prep Platform was founded in 2012 and is the maker of the first comprehensive study course for the GMAT on the iPhone and iPad.  In addition to top quality GMAT content, including thousands of practice questions and flashcards, LTG’s mobile app Prep4 GMAT uses the patented Label Study Method to help students break down test questions into recognizable concepts.  For more information about LTG or Prep4 GMAT or to schedule an interview with a member of the LTG team, send an email to


Prep4 GMAT website:

Prep4 GMAT for iPhone English: download link

Prep4 GMAT HD for iPad English: download link

Prep4 GMAT for iPhone Chinese: download link

Prep4 GMAT for iPad Chinese: download link

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