Bookmark practice questions and flashcards with our updated GMAT app!

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July 7, 2021
The new version of the Prep4GMAT app is even more versatile
July 11, 2021
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Bookmark practice questions and flashcards with our updated GMAT app!

One of the most tried and true ways of increasing your accuracy and speed on the GMAT is to answer and then carefully review practice questions.

This means not only trying to select the correct answer on practice questions but after answering, reviewing the questions to understand why the correct answer is right and all the other choices are wrong.

Carefully analyzing questions and answer choices augments your knowledge of the concepts tested and illuminates how GMAT questions work – how they may try to confuse you with false answers or use common patterns that you’ll begin to recognize.

Customize your flashcards and question sets

Practicing questions in this focused manner increases your familiarity and confidence on questions, and our GMAT app, Prep4GMAT, contains 1000s of practice questions, detailed answer explanations and flashcards to make your prep work comprehensive, convenient and powerful.

To make studying with our app even more efficient, we’ve added the ability to bookmark flashcards and questions. Now whenever you come across a tough question you’d like to review in more detail or a flashcard that explains a concept you’re trying to nail down, you can simply select the Bookmark button to store the question and return to it whenever you want.

While studying on the app’s lessons, touch the star icon on the left-hand side of the bottom navigation bar to bookmark the current flashcard you’re on. The flashcard will then be saved in your Bookmarked Stack, which you can access on the main Study screen by touching the Bookmarked Flashcards button.

The same star icon appears on the left-hand side of the navigation bar while you practice questions. If you come across a question that’s difficult or whose answer explanations discuss concepts you haven’t studied yet, bookmark the question so that you can come back to it later.

Bookmarked questions are also accessed on the main study screen. When you click on the Bookmarked Questions button, your saved questions appear in a set ready to be answered again. With this feature you can build your own personalized set of practice questions to help you with whatever type of question or concept you’re learning.

Create a set of the questions you found most difficult and practice them again or create a set focused on a new concept you learned in a lesson.

Check out these features on the new Prep4GMAT app to be release this Friday, July 11th!

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