A practice test on the way to work? Our GMAT app makes it easy

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June 22, 2022
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June 27, 2022
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A practice test on the way to work? Our GMAT app makes it easy

Perhaps it’s symptomatic of our modern lives, but the scant minutes we have to ourselves during the day are rarely in places of our choosing.

Our free moments are confined to subway cars, taxi cabs, waiting rooms and office kitchens. And to fight off the boredom that accompanies these places, we look to technological distractions: Candy Crush, 2048, Dots­ — whatever’s the latest craze.

Distraction and mindless entertainment have their place, but when you’re trying to fit GMAT prep into a schedule taken up by a demanding job and a host of commitments, there’s a better way to spend this time. Prep4GMAT provides comprehensive GMAT prep, including customizable practice tests, that you can use whenever and wherever you find a free moment. Instead of gaining a new high score on a game, you can gain a few more points on your GMAT score in the 20 minutes it takes to commute to work.

GMAT practice tests sharpen your ability to solve problems under the pressure of the exam’s time restraints. As with so much of GMAT prep, these abilities take consistent practice to develop. With the Prep4GMAT app, setting up a practice test only takes a few seconds and are great for on-the-go training.

Choose the test’s question type and duration

The app’s test tool allows you to choose what GMAT section you’d like to test in: verbal, quantitative or both. For each test section, the app will create a test with question types in the same ratio you’ll see on the GMAT. For example, when you select Verbal, the app constructs a test with sentence correction, critical reasoning and reading comprehension questions in the same proportion that they appear on the GMAT.

A sliding bar lets you select the practice test’s length based on the number of questions you want to attempt or the amount of time you have. Choose from a test length of 2 minutes to 75 minutes.

As on the actual exam, while taking the test you cannot skip questions. After the test, the app totals the questions you answered correctly and incorrectly. The Revisit Answers button that appears after you finish turns the test into a study aid by displaying the questions you just answered with the correct answer highlighted and detailed explanations of each answer choice. You can review the questions that stumped you and learn why they gave you trouble by reading the explanations.

Prep4GMAT tracks your performance on every test you take on the GMAT app, feeding the results into its score algorithm, which then predicts your test ability by estimating your GMAT score on the home screen. Also unique to Prep4GMAT, test and practice question performance is analyzed down to the level of test concepts. Check the Analytics tool after completing a practice test to view which concepts you do well in and which you struggle with.

Ready to try it out for yourself? The new version of Prep4GMAT with the updated screens shown above comes out soon! Click the link at the bottom to download the latest version of the app for free, and the next time you’re stuck waiting in the dentist’s office or for the train, challenge yourself to practice test.

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