It’s here! The top-rated GMAT app is now on Android!

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August 13, 2021
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August 18, 2021
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It’s here! The top-rated GMAT app is now on Android!

Yes, this post deserves two exclamation points in the title because it’s big news – well if you’re studying for the GMAT and own an Android phone or tablet, it’s big news. Our research and development team has been working tirelessly to adapt Prep4GMAT (now the top-rated mobile app in the iTunes App Store) to the Android operating system. Their work, for now, is complete. You can now download Prep4GMAT for free on the Google Play store.

As with the iOS version, the Android mobile app comes packed with over 1,000 GMAT questions, flashcards and lessons, scalable practice tests, and analytics to streamline your prep. It’s a comprehensive GMAT course that you can take anywhere. Download the app and check out these features:

  • Dashboard with GMAT score estimator
  • Guided lessons and practice sets for PS, DS, RC, CR and SC questions
  • Analytics tool that breaks down your test and practice performance
  • Verbal, Quantitative or mixed practice tests scalable by time or number of questions
  • Tutor marketplace where you can instantly connect with a certified tutor for extra help

Over 100,000 students and professionals have used the iOS Prep4GMAT app to study for the GMAT for the first time or to help increase their score on a retake. Unlike books, the iOS and Android GMAT apps allow you to study on the go and provide continuous feedback on how you’re performing and improving.

How the Android GMAT app prepares you for the test

After practicing questions, taking a test or following a few of the lessons on the app, the analytics tool sorts out your specific strengths and weaknesses. The analytics goes further than just showing you how you do in specific test sections and question types: It shows you how you do on specific GMAT concepts.

For example, you may know you struggle with sentence correction questions, but the app can show you that you’re weakest on sentence correction questions that test modifiers or questions that feature parallel verb structures. This level of detail makes it simple to know what you need to study in order to score higher, and you can go directly to the relevant lessons from the analytics tool.

Monitoring your progress (something else prep books can’t do for you) is also simple. A GMAT score estimator on the Dashboard computes an estimated total score according to your most recent performance on practice questions and tests. You can watch your score climb as you use build your strengths and target your weaknesses using the analytics tool, lessons and flashcards, and practice questions.  When you feel particularly stumped, reach out to a tutor for a little extra help. With the tutor marketplace, you can connect and chat with a tutor directly through the app.

There are many other features we could highlight, such as the X-ray button and question bookmarks, but the best way to get to know the app is to try it yourself. Try out the android version for free today, and let us know what you think. We’re always looking to improve your study experience and to make studying for the GMAT a little less painful than it was for us, so feedback is coveted.

The work is not over for us. Next in the pipeline, study games to help break up the monotony of prep work. Check back for more updates.

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