Safety First: Critical Reasoning

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August 30, 2021
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September 5, 2021
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Safety First: Critical Reasoning

Continuing in the same medical vein as last week’s question, this Critical Reasoning question tests your logical skills. Click here for the answer and explanation.



















Situation: The strategy of a mobile phone manufacturer in introducing a new model in Chinese market is discussed.

Reasoning: We need to find the logical basis for the mobile manufacturer’s strategy for the new product.

A. Incorrect: The comparative sales figures do not explain the reason behind the manufacturer’s strategy to not emphasize lower radiation safety in its advertisement.

B. Incorrect: This option, while valid on its own, is less compelling than D, which provides a comparative rationale to protect sales of previous versions.

C. Incorrect: This option could be the reason behind increased sells of mobile phones, but it has no relation with the discussion of radiation reduction.

D. Correct: This provides a valid explanation of why the manufacturer would not advertise the lower radiation emission since it would call into question the safety of current as well as previous models made by the manufacturer. Advertising the new safety feature may introduce a plethora of concerns about previous products that may still be available in the market.

E. Incorrect: This option is a general statement with no relation to the discussion of radiation and advertising in the argument.

Correct choice is D.

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