BMW or Audi? Careful with your assumptions: Critical Reasoning

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August 19, 2021
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BMW or Audi? Careful with your assumptions: Critical Reasoning

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Situation: A result about an observation of sales conversions of BMWs and Audis.

Reasoning: We need to find the logical assumption about the customers discussed in the argument.

(A) Incorrect: This assumption gets us neither closer nor further from a logical conclusion.

(B) Incorrect: This option is not an assumption as the 50 percent conversion rate implies a sale of either vehicle. This option fails to present any unstated data.

(C) Correct: The calculation method described above does not include the possibility of a customer to buying both cars.

(D) Incorrect: Inquiries about cars other than BMWs and Audis are irrelevant to this argument.

(E) Incorrect: The previous ownership of a BMW or Audi is not related to this argument.

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