Don’t Get Caught Downloading this CR question — GMAT Question of the Day

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December 23, 2021
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Don’t Get Caught Downloading this CR question — GMAT Question of the Day

Situation: A new piracy law, aimed at the media, was recently passed. This law prompted protests by people sympathetic to the media. The argument contends that similar, earlier laws have helped to curb the spread of media piracy and have saved several media companies from bankruptcy.

Reasoning: We need to find the statement that best describes the method of argument with which the author counters the protests of those who disagree with the anti-piracy law.

(A) Incorrect: This is NOT the method used in the argument. In all likelihood, the author did attack the protesters’ claims, not their characters.

(B) Correct: This is indeed the author’s method of argument. First, the author states that the provisions of the new anti-piracy law are justified. Then, he or she insists that the protesters should remember that provisions in an earlier law were successful in curbing media piracy and preventing the bankruptcy of media companies — in other words, these similar, earlier laws helped media companies, and these two situations are analogous. The argument encourages the protesters to notice these positive similarities.

(C) Incorrect: It seems possible that the argument was intended to point this out. However, this was NOT part of the rebuttal to the protesters’ argument.

(D) Incorrect: Nor was this the author’s method of responding to the protesters. In fact, we have no way of knowing anything about the protesters’ reasoning or conclusions. They are not mentioned.

(E) Incorrect: This is far out of scope.

B is the correct answer.

In the 21st century, pirates search for booty on the Internet.

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