Modifiers from space: Sentence Correction

Toxic Sentence Correction
August 30, 2021
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Modifiers from space: Sentence Correction

What’s scarier than thawed space aliens? Illogical participle modifiers of course. Click here to see the answer and explanation.




















A - Incorrect: This option contains a misplaced modifier as the participle forming illogically modifies research camps rather than the events associated with it. It was the events that formed the basis of the novella, not the research camp.

B - Incorrect: This option contains the wrong form of the main verb forming, which should be in past tense. Further, the use of the participle (verb + ing ) is valid only when there is one subject of the sentence.

C - Incorrect: The use of the first form of the verb form is wrong as the sentence is in the past tense. The use of the infinitive implies that John Campbell purposely wrote the short stories, which changes the intended meaning of the sentence.

D - Incorrect: The use of past perfect tense is wrong in this case as the writing of short stories finished prior to them forming the basis of the movie, and according to the past perfect rules, the first sentence must be in past perfect.

E - Correct: This option correctly uses the conjunction that and correctly modifies stories. The verb formed is in correct tense, past simple.

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