Critical Reasoning - Ad hoc autopsy

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July 6, 2021
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July 10, 2021
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Critical Reasoning - Ad hoc autopsy

Situation: The author discusses procedures used by forensic pathologists. Based on the preferred methods of government-hired pathologists, the author argues that intuitive methods work better than step-by-step procedures.

Reasoning: There is a major gap in reasoning here: why should the government's pathologists' preference matter at all? The correct assumption will give us a reason to elevate the method of federally employed pathologists over others, probably by indicating they are the best of the best.

Only one answer addresses this gap—choice (E). Choice (A) and (B) indicate that intuition is sometimes the appropriate tool to use, but fail to support the conclusion that it is generally superior. Isolated cases of failure as in (C) doesn't impact the general applicability of the methods, and appears to be a weakener regardless. Finally, (D) is outside the scope of federal pathologists, and in fact outside the scope of pathology in general.

One answer matches our prediction and the rest are far off. Answer choice (E) is correct.

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