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February 18, 2022
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GMAT at the Movies

Situation: The prompt explains why Ghai is a good choice for an international film collaboration councils: his experience as a filmmaker and production leader.

Reasoning: There are plenty of qualifications that might be necessary for the position in the prompt--political savvy, fluency in Japanese, knowledge of Japanese culture, skill collaborating internationally, etc. The author dismisses these out of hand. That means that the author either believes these are unimportant, or he believes that Ghai must have these skills to succeed as a filmmaker. The correct answer to this strengthen question will bolster this unstated belief.

Choice (E) seems to be a good match for this prediction. Ghai's knowledge of filmmaking is unimpeachable; if that's all that's required, he's a good fit.

The other answers can be quickly eliminated. Choice (A) fails because Ghai could support the council just fine without a leadership position. Since we don't know what's involved in council leadership, we have no reason to think the collaboration in (B) is any more or less useful than his filmmaking skill. Choice (C) indicates Ghai has one qualification for the job, but nothing about any others he may need. (D) weakens the argument, since filmmaking experience is not necessarily applicable to working with government employees. With the other choices left out, choice (E) is definitely correct.

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