Valuable Exponent Practice: Problem Solving

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September 2, 2021
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September 6, 2021
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Valuable Exponent Practice: Problem Solving

Exponents and roots are increasingly common in GMAT quant, so we thought we would give all of you some extra practice.
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We need to have either a common base or a common exponent to solve this problem. Since we can’t make the base common as each base is a prime number, the only way is to make the exponent common for all the expressions.

The minimum exponent value is 50, so we make the exponents of each base equal to 50. Therefore,

5250 = (55)50 = 312550
7200 = (74)50 = 240150
3300 = (36)50 = 72950
2600 = (212)50 = 409650

The greatest base among all the option is 4096.

So the correct answer is A.

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