(Dark) Matters of Sentence Correction

The Price of Critical Reasoning
September 12, 2021
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(Dark) Matters of Sentence Correction

According to scientists, dark matter  constitutes 84.5% of the total matter in the universe. Click here for the answer and explanation to today’s question.


















A - Incorrect: The meaning has changed from a prediction with uncertainty (can) to a certain thing in the future (will put). Further, this is a run-on sentence: the two independent clauses are connected only with a comma but without a connecting conjunction or semicolon.

B - Incorrect: The clause it is hoped should be either separated with commas (as in answer C) or connected with an appropriate conjunction.

D, E - Incorrect: This option removes important information sufficient evidence that appears in the original sentence. Also, neither of these two phrases is idiomatic.

C - Correct: The clause it is hoped is separated correctly with commas. The use of the infinitive to put shows an intention and fixes the prediction error.

C is the correct answer.

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