Sentence Correction

April 15, 2022

Can You Manage this SC Question? — GMAT Question of the Day

March 6, 2022

GMAT Sentence Correction

Today’s question is child’s play.
February 16, 2022

Gambling on GMAT Sentence Correction

Gambling is one of the world’s oldest pastimes, and nearly every ancient society practiced it in one form or another. Archaeologists have even found cave paintings that appear to […]
January 30, 2022

Creepy and Cuddly Animals on the GMAT

Well, cuddly might be overstating things.
December 12, 2021

Sentence correction and the study of life

Biology: the only science in which multiplication is the same thing as division.      
November 14, 2021

Sentence Correction on Social Media

Twitter sees approximately 500 million tweets each day, about half of them in languages other than English. 500 million tweets each day is about 347,000 tweets […]