Question of the Day

October 31, 2021

Supply, demand, and Sentence Correction.

Click here for the answer and explanation.                                       […]
October 29, 2021

Critical Reasoning: Coming to a theater near you

The “third person effect” suggests that most people believe that the vast majority of people are less susceptible to televised depictions of violence than the average […]
October 27, 2021

Sentence Correction never goes out of style

Click here for the answer and explanation.                                       […]
October 24, 2021

Apples, Oranges, and Problem Solving

In 2008, a pair of Yubari melons from Japan sold for $23,000 each, making them the most expensive fruit in the world. Click here for the […]
October 22, 2021

GMAT question of the day: Sentence Correction

We can’t explain the origin of all ocean life, but we can explain the correct answer to this sentence correction question of the day. Click here […]
October 20, 2021

Custom-made Critical Reasoning

The word “suit” is derived from the Latin verb “sequor,” because the different parts follow one another and are made of the same fabric. Click here for […]