Luxury Critical Reasoning

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Luxury Critical Reasoning

Fun fact: The word “concierge” is thought to be contraction of comte des cierges (“count of candles”), the servant responsible for maintaining the lighting in medieval palaces. The job description has changed a bit. 

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Situation: Two plans are discussed by the representatives of an apartment complex regarding the hiring of a concierge service. The plans include a monthly payment and payment by the hour.

Reasoning: We need to find a statement supporting one plan over the other.

(A) Incorrect: This option is not related to the two alternatives mentioned in the argument. It is an external idea.

(B) Incorrect: This option fails to supply information about the favored plan.

(C) Correct: This option brings up a problem concerning the time expenditure of the concierge service. This statement suggests the superiority of the payment per hour plan over the pay per month plan by which all residents would incur the expenses of a service only used by a few.

(D) Incorrect: The consideration of the quality of the concierge service is not part of this argument.

(E) Incorrect: The increase in real estate value because of the concierge service is outside of this argument.

The correct answer is C.

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