How the label study method makes Prep4GMAT the best GMAT app available

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June 8, 2022
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June 12, 2022
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How the label study method makes Prep4GMAT the best GMAT app available

LTG is not the only company to offer a GMAT prep app. There are other GMAT study apps that offer practice questions and even practice tests. Of course, these apps might not be free and might only offer a handful of questions.

Prep4GMAT’s biggest advantage is the label study method, which we designed specifically for the Prep4GMAT app. The label study method trains your brain to recognize certain keywords when reading over a question. For example, if you’re trying to solve a sentence correction question, it will train you to notice that the use of words like “than” and “like” and “as” indicate that the question is testing your grasp of comparison words. When you can instantly identify the question type, you can more quickly move through answer choices and find a solution.

The added benefit of the label study method is that it divides the GMAT into smaller categories and question types, so that you can get a more precise understanding of the questions with which you most struggle. You might not realize that you often fall into the same trap when faced with questions that involve both GCD and LCM in the Quant section. Eventually, you will be able to recognize these keywords and identify these questions without being prompted by highlighted words.

Among the top GMAT app creators, we are the only company focused solely on creating the best possible mobile study solution. Because we aren’t working on the app while simultaneously working on a GMAT prep book, we’re able to find innovative ways to adapt to the needs of test-takers. This includes the label study method, but it also encompasses things like face-to-face tutoring features, GMAT concept flashcards, and extremely detailed analytics.

This post is the first of an ongoing series focusing on the “secret sauce” that sets Prep4GMAT apart. The next will focus on Prep4GMAT’s analytics tool.

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