MIT Startup Prep4GMAT Announces Partnership with ShareWithU

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December 17, 2021
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December 24, 2021
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MIT Startup Prep4GMAT Announces Partnership with ShareWithU

The Chinese version of Prep4GMAT will now be the exlusive GMAT study app for ShareWithU members, one of China’s largest and most popular standardized test forums.  Over 70 percent of Chinese students and professionals studying for the GMAT rely on ShareWithU’s quality articles, forums and services to prepare for the test.  Read the official press release below!

China’s Largest Online Test Prep Company Partners With MIT Startup To Introduce Advanced Mobile GMAT Study To Chinese Test-Takers

LTG Exam Prep Platform announces the integration of their GMAT preparation app with ShareWithU, China’s most popular standardized test prep online platform.

Cambridge, Mass. — In China, where over 100,000 students and professionals study for the GMAT each year, GMAT test preparation is a booming business. LTG Exam Prep Platform, a startup out of the MIT Sloan School of Management headed by a seasoned Israeli high-tech entrepreneur, has partnered with ShareWithU, one of China’s most popular online forums and test prep resources, in order to introduce a mobile alternative to traditional test prep. The Chinese website will now supply its members with a co-branded version of LTG’s Prep4GMAT app, the first comprehensive GMAT study course designed for mobile devices. ShareWithU members, who represent 70 percent of GMAT test-takers in China, will now have a detailed study course integrated with ShareWithU’s high-quality resources in the convenience of an iPhone or iPad app.

“LTG is happy to announce this collaboration with ShareWithU, the biggest online community for standardized tests in China. Both companies see each other as trustworthy long-term partners and look forward to working together,” announced Elad Shoushan, the CEO and founder of LTG from Israel who is currently a second year at MIT Sloan. While the app and the collaboration with ShareWithU only cover the GMAT currently, plans are in place to adapt LTG’s advanced technology and release additional apps for other standardized tests that Chinese students study for each year. According to Elad, “LTG and SWU are starting to build a long-term relationship by first focusing on the GMAT and then developing a solution for other standardized tests utilizing the same technology.”

Prep4GMAT, which already has over 16,000 active users worldwide, reinvents GMAT prep for the digital age by making a personalized study course accessible in the form of a mobile app. The app originated from Elad’s own struggles with the GMAT and the fact that most GMAT test-takers work fulltime and have difficulty fitting studying into their busy lives. The potential for a mobile study solution has helped the app and the company generate traction in the U.S., securing a spot as a finalist in the MassChallenge, the world’s largest startup competition, and the investment of Mingming Huang, a vetted entrepreneur who has invested in some of China’s most successful tech startups.

LTG Exam Prep Platform was founded in 2012 and is the maker of the first comprehensive study course for the GMAT on the iPhone and iPad. In addition to top quality GMAT content, including thousands of practice questions and flashcards, LTG’s mobile app Prep4GMAT uses the patented Label Study Method to help students break down test questions into recognizable concepts. For more information about LTG or Prep4GMAT or to schedule an interview with a member of the LTG team, send an email to


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