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Based on our vast personal experience with the GMAT exam, the LTG Prep4GMAT exam team has realized that mastering the concepts tested on the GMAT is almost impossible without repeatedly solving numerous questions that are testing the same concept. There are no shortcuts!

With that in mind, our team has invested a lot of time on building the best content available on the market. But more importantly - labeling each question according to concepts and error types being tested, our solution allows students to personally customize their learning time with our unique study method. LTG has written all of its own GMAT questions by world GMAT experts, according to the highest level.

Do you find it hard to recognize the proper usage of subjects, for example, Conditional or Participle Modifiers, in Sentence Correction? Are assumption questions harder for you to comprehend? With our solution, you will be able to see a breakdown of each question with the structure and logical parts using labels and you will be able to practice hundreds of similar questions with the same exact concepts, until you will eventually recognize them automatically.

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