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1How do I use Prep4GMAT to study for the GMAT?
Prep4GMAT is a full GMAT study course packed into a convenient app.

After opening Prep4GMAT, you’ll begin with a short diagnostic practice test that will reveal your individual strengths and weakness on the test. From there, follow the lesson course on the practice page, practice sample questions and take timed practice tests. Of course, you can also pick and choose which topics to study yourself. The analytics tool will help you keep track of your progress, target your weaknesses and build your strengths.
2Why study for the GMAT on a mobile app?
You probably already rely on your smartphone to find directions, organize tasks and find answers to questions. Mobile apps help us manage our lives by providing responsive information to meet our needs, so why can’t an app do the same for test preparation?

Prep4GMAT is an adaptive app designed to help you master an adaptive test. The app shows you your progress in a way a book never could, and as a mobile app, you can study anywhere. Now, instead of using your smartphone to kill time — on your daily commute or even during a boring meeting — you can use it to learn and practice GMAT concepts and questions, building your confidence for the actual test.

We know from experience that many busy professionals don’t have time for a traditional study course, yet the more you practice, the better you do on the exam, so Prep4GMAT gives you powerful prep that's easier to fit into your schedule.
3What is the Label Study Method?
The Label Study Method is an intuitive highlighting system designed to help you master the GMAT. By learning keywords in GMAT questions, you’ll begin to recognize common question patterns and find the correct answer with greater efficiency.

While using the app, select the X-ray button in the bottom left corner to highlight the keywords in a GMAT question. When you tap the highlighted keywords, you can see the GMAT concept associated with each keyword.

With practice, you'll begin to notice not only what a GMAT question is testing but also how it's testing it. This will help you spot trap answers and quickly find the right answer.
4How much does Prep4GMAT cost?
Prep4GMAT is currently free to download for Android or iOS devices.
5Which devices can I use the app on?
Prep4GMAT can be used on any mobile phone or tablet that uses Android or iOS. That includes the iPhone, iPad and Android devices like the Galaxy S3.
6Do I need WIFI to use the app?
No, the app is fully functional even without Wi-Fi or cellular data.

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LTG Exam Prep Platform

1What is LTG Exam Prep Platform?
We are a Boston-based start up created by a global team at MIT. LTG seeks to revolutionize the standardized test prep industry by making test prep accessible, adaptable and personalized through mobile apps that students love using.
2Does LTG make apps for other standardized tests?
At this time, we only offer the Prep4GMAT app. We are currently developing an SAT app, and plan to adapt the technology to other standardized tests.


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